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If your task is Social Media, Email Marketing, or Event Management, Boomerang has a complete online marketing solution for you. Our award winning interface is easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle your online marketing needs. Whether you’re sending hundreds or millions of messages, Boomerang can get the job done. We can handle simple email promotions as well as extremely complex, highly personalized newsletters. If you have a digital marketing need, our tools can help you solve it.

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Our Customer Care crew is second to none! If you want to get your message out fast and need some extra helping hands, let us do it for you. With Boomerang you can outsource your email marketing, social media, copywriting, and surveys. We do it all for less than you can do it yourself. Visit our Professional Services Shop for more information.

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We’ve been a partner since before it was popular! Our AppExchange integrated services allow you send email to one or millions of your SalesForce contacts using campaigns or ad-hoc queries. And all of the results, including sends, click-throughs, and opens, get placed back into each SalesForce contact or lead record.

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